Guardian performs a variety of utility and construction work on a daily basis and recognizes that inherent risks will always be an important factor in the planning and execution of each job. Our commitment to quality and safety is directly related to the most important part of the company – our employees.

Guardian stresses the integration of safety into each and every job, task, and assignment. Great measures are taken to ensure that all employees have the tools, resources, and training to perform their job with quality and safety as the priority. Guardian employs several methods to ensure this is being carried out, including full-time quality and safety management and oversight, field visits and inspections from various supervisory personnel, regular training sessions covering a variety of topics, and support personnel who can assist in getting the right tools for the job out to the work force in a timely manner. These efforts eliminate shortcuts and reinforce to the field personnel that management is here to support them.

A successful safety culture requires a management commitment and employee involvement, which is why Guardian views safety as an integration and not a hindrance. We strive to make safety a part of day-to-day operations ensuring that jobs are planned correctly, crews have been briefed prior to the start of work, and all potential hazards have been minimized or eliminated. This will ensure that work practices will continually improve, moral will remain high, and everyone will feel confident knowing they have been provided a safe and healthful work place.

Life runs easier with Guardian.